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18 Aug 2021
| 2 min read

3 Ways to Use a Forest Management Plan

A forest management plan is a highly personalized and detailed bluepri...

03 Aug 2021
| 3 min read

3 Things You Can and Can’t do in the Growing Mature Forests Program

Do you qualify for Growing Mature Forests? Wonderful! GMF provides fun...

02 Aug 2021
Landowners | | 4 min read

How to Prepare for a Forester Visit

You've scheduled a visit with a forest professional — fantastic! Wonde...

17 May 2021

Encourage Biodiversity in Your  Woodlands

May is a great month to be out and about in your woodlands. With plant...

15 Apr 2021

8 Considerations Before and After Buying Land

Purchasing a woodland property is a big step, whether you’re a first-t...

15 Mar 2021
Tips for Landowners | | 9 min read

Woodland Owners: 5 Tips For Tax Savings

While there are many reasons to enjoy woodland ownership, paying taxes...

22 Feb 2021

Invasive Species Awareness: Protect Your Woodlands

They look so harmless: a bright green insect just half an inch long, a...

01 Feb 2021

Landowner Story: Susan Benedict from State College, PA

Keeping the forest land passed down to her from her grandfather health...

01 Feb 2021

Landowner Story: Jon Dysard from Huntingdon, PA

Jon Dysard is no stranger to the local hunting scene in Huntingdon Cou...

22 Jan 2021

7 Tips for Growing and Protecting Longleaf Pine Trees

Longleaf pines are beautiful trees, with sturdy, straight trunks that ...

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