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Will Martin on April 24, 2018

WoodsCamp Launches to serve Wisconsin's Family Forests

As the weather gets warmer, blooming flowers and a chorus of bird song invite more walks in the family woods. Questions that come up on those walks about how best to care for the forest can feel overwhelming and many landowners struggle to find […]

Will Martin on November 6, 2017

The 5 Ways WoodsCamp Helps Landowners

We built WoodsCamp to help family forest owners get easier access to relevant informant about their land and discover the options that are right for them. As an internet service, we are offering free insights that help landowners like you […]

Will Martin on October 25, 2017

Not knowing what to do, it's easier to do nothing. Here's why that might be a mistake.

You love your forest and want to make good decisions that keep your land healthy and beautiful.

Will Martin on October 17, 2017

Shortleaf Pine: Where the Wildlife Is

Did you know? 

Shortleaf pine is vital to the plants and wildlife of the southeastern U.S.  With the help of willing woodland owners like you, we can promote the many benefits of this amazing tree species.

Will Martin on October 16, 2017

Why Invasive Species Matter to Me

Article republished with permission from the American Forest Foundation. Originally posted at My Alabama Woods

In the last 20 years, about one new species of beetle has landed on North American shores each year, imported from other parts of the […]

Will Martin on October 13, 2017

Why Work With a Forester

Forests are complex and the number of things you'll need to consider as a landowner can be overwhelming. It is often helpful to connect with a forester to help explore your options and make sure you are able to get the right work done at the […]

Will Martin on October 3, 2017

WoodsCamp Launches in the Cumberland

We are super excited to announce the launch of WoodsCamp in the Cumberland Plateau region of Alabama. 

Will Martin on October 3, 2017

Turkeys In My Woods

The wild turkey has a firm hold on the American imagination, tethering us to the past and symbolizing a season of plenty.  Today, wild turkeys number about 7 million - up from an all-time low of 30,000 birds in the 1920s, caused by habitat loss […]
Will Martin on October 3, 2017

Managing for the Love of Nature

Dorothy and her husband purchased their property in north Alabama when they were first married more than 40 years ago. They both loved the outdoors and nature, and wanted a tract of land where they could raise their children. For much of the […]

Alastair on December 31, 2016

WoodsCamp 2016 in review: What we’ve learned

At WoodsCamp.com, we’re building an online timber platform – connecting people who have trees to people who need them in regions where the forest industry’s supply comes primarily from non-industrial privately owned woodlands.