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Will Martin

22 May 2020
Tips for Landowners | | 4 min read

Shortleaf Pine: Where the Wildlife Is

Shortleaf pine is vital to the plant and wildlife diversity of the sou...

06 May 2020

8 Ways to Help Turkeys in Your Woods

The wild turkey has a firm hold on the American imagination, tethering...

17 May 2019

WoodsCamp Launches in California

As the dry season rapidly approaches in California, many private woodl...

16 Nov 2018
News | Oregon | | 3 min read

WoodsCamp Launches in Oregon

As the leaves turn those alluring shades of orange, yellow, and crimso...

25 Oct 2018

WoodsCamp Launches to serve Wisconsin's Family Forests

As the weather gets warmer, blooming flowers and a chorus of bird song...

06 Nov 2017
Tips for Landowners | | 3 min read

The 5 Ways WoodsCamp Helps Landowners

We built WoodsCamp to help family forest owners get easier access to r...

25 Oct 2017
Tips for Landowners | | 2 min read

Not knowing what to do, it's easier to do nothing. Here's why that might be a mistake.

You love your forest and want to make good decisions that keep your la...

16 Oct 2017
Tips for Landowners | | 5 min read

Why Invasive Species Matter to Me

Article republished with permission from the American Forest Foundatio...

13 Oct 2017

Why Work With a Forester

Forests are complex and the number of things you'll need to consider a...

03 Oct 2017
News | Alabama | | 2 min read

WoodsCamp Launches in the Cumberland

We are super excited to announce the launch of WoodsCamp in the Cumber...

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