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#DoOneThingToday for World Wildlife Day

Written by Jessica Wentzell
on March 03, 2019
whitetail-deer-fawnWorld Wildlife Day [March 3rd] is a global annual event established to raise awareness about the world’s wild animals and plants. Today, we encourage Woodland owners to "do one thing today" to help support wildlife on their land. 

Here are some ideas that you can do on your own:

1. Create a brush pile for wildlife shelter 

Brush piles provide a micro-habitat for the more stealthy creatures, many of which need to hide from predators. Boost biodiversity on your land while recycling extra trimmings, branches, and logs. [ Find out how ]

2. Create and maintain snags and cavities in living tree 

These dead trees, or dead parts of trees, do not go unused. Snags provide protection for woodpeckers, flying squirrels, and countless other species. [ Find out more ]


3. Create under water structures to provide shelter for fish 

Underwater structures within an aquatic habitat provide cover where fish can rest, hide from predators, feed or spawn. They are also where the bottom of the food chain -- algae and phytoplankton -- develops. Natural or man-made objects such as logs, rocks and boulders, brush bundles, artificial reefs and even discarded Christmas trees can be sunk and used to add form to the bottom of a water body.

[ Find out more ]


4. Pick up garbage around your woodland

Take a walk through your woodland and pick up any garbage that you find (plastic bottles, bags, etc). Every piece that is removed from your woodland helps!
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Be sure to share your actions with your friends on social media by tagging #doonethingtoday #worldwildlifeday #wwd2021 and encourage them to do the same.
Visit their site to find out on how you can get involved.
Looking to find out if your woodland is eligible to receive a free visit from a wildlife biologist or funding initiatives to complete habitat improvement on your land? Habitat programs include migratory song bird, gopher tortoise, fish and aquatics, and more.
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