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WoodsCamp Launches in Florida

Written by WoodsCamp
on March 03, 2020

Florida forest owners have faced many challenges throughout the years. With catastrophic damage from storms, to the threat of invasive species, to increased risk of wildfire, landowners are surfacing many of the same questions; "How do I keep my forest healthy?" "How to I restore my forest after a hurricane" "Are there funding programs available to help me get work done on my land?" and "Where do I start?".

WoodsCamp, a tool developed to help private woodland owners find the answers that they need, is now available in Florida. Get your free woodland report, to find out what's available for your forest. 

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Provided by the American Forest Foundation, the WoodsCamp tool is now available in Florida to help landowners discover options that are right for them. We work with local partners such as the Florida Forest Service to connect landowners with options to help them restore their forest after hurricane, reduce the risk of wildfire, increase forest health, and the wildlife habitats they provide, or even connect them with a community of landowners to share stewardship practises.


Here are some examples of programs that your forest may be matched with :

  • Financial assistance to help cover the costs of post-storm forest restoration on your property (hurricane recovery).
  • Financial assistance to help cover the costs of having work done on your land to help reduce the risk of wildfire.
  • Assistance in identifying and removing invasive species on your land
  • Assistance in identifying improvements to wildlife habitat and funding to have work done on your land
  • Planting programs
  • Free Management Plan for your forest 
  • Free advice from a Forest Professional


How does it work?

WoodsCamp collects and analyzes data which includes forest cover, soil types, wildlife habitats, and wildfire risks. By combining this data with responses from landowners about their goals and values, we match landowners with potential management actions and funding opportunities to have work done on their land. These management opportunities are then confirmed by scheduling a visit with a local forest professional. We can help you take the guesswork out of knowing what the best option is for your land. 


About Our Company:

WoodsCamp is a platform provided by the American Forest Foundation* to help private forest landowners connect with programs, services, and forest professionals to help them care for their land. By leveraging the best available mapping data, WoodsCamp creates a FREE personalized report highlighting opportunities matched to a landowner’s goals and the condition in their forest. 



Find out how local landowner, Bob Woodward and his family, took action to restore his family's forest post-hurricane. [ Read More ]

 Discover the options for your land today at WoodsCamp

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