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Landowner Reviews

Very informative and an excellent resource for land owners!
Sent in the right direction, got answers to questions and there was good follow up to make sure all was ok!
We purchased a home on 37 acres a year ago. We want to be good stewards of the Woodlands God entrusted to us. We were blest to have Angela walk our property. She was patient, kind and very knowledgeable. She informed us of what types of trees and what we can start to do in order to help our forest land improve and sustain for a healthy future. Angela has a wealth of information and a gift to communicate and a willingness to answer questions. Thank you for your time and support!!
I did the online survey and was contacted about setting up an appointment for a forester to come out and walk my property. The forester, Andy Wilcox, came out on what turned out to be a rainy day. He offered to reschedule if I wanted but I suggested we take my UTV and ride around as I have trails throughout the property. Then we talked for some time about my goals for the property and things I was doing to try to achieve my goals. Andy was very helpful in answering some of my concerns about oak wilt and suggesting additional resources if I wanted to do additional planting and for habitat preservation. In the end we decided that what I was doing was pretty consistent with the goals I had for the property and I felt much more comfortable about what I was doing. I really appreciate Andy's time and would highly recommend completing the survey and taking advantage of the expert assistance offered.
Allison Hellman, WoodsCamp Landowner Success Agent, has been extremely helpful in guiding me through the opportunities and benefits available through the State of Wisconsin's WoodsCamp program. Coupling her guidance with Forest Ranger Renae Essenmacher's knowledge, expertise, and experience in the field, has been extremely beneficial to me in evaluating the wooded properties I own. With Ms. Hellman and Ms Essenmacher's help I'm now able to develop three separate long term management plans for the three diverse properties that we own. I'm very grateful for the insight of Wisconsin's DNR in developing this program.