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Funding for this project provided by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection as part of the California Climate Investments Program.

"The heart and soul of WoodsCamp is to connect family forest landowners with resources available to help them manage their land in line with their values and goals — from reduced fire risk to improved wildlife habitat, " says Tom Fry, Western Conservation Director at the American Forest Foundation, "It's an exciting new way My Sierra Woods is helping landowners across northern California."


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We analyze millions of data points to understand your forest so you can get immediate insights about options suited to your land.

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It’s easier to take the next step because we connect you with the right local professionals and programs to meet your goals.

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Use our tools to continue learning about the plants, waterways, and wildlife you can protect while enjoying the benefits from your land.

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What's available for your forest?

What Is WoodsCamp

WoodsCamp is an internet tool, provided by the American Forest Foundation,  to help private woodland owners in the United States connect with programs, services, and professionals to help them care for their land.

By leveraging the best available mapping data, WoodsCamp creates a free personalized report highlighting opportunities matched to your goals and the conditions in the forest.

Click "FIND MY PROPERTY" to locate your forest, answer a few quick question about the goals for your land, and receive your free and customized property report, highlighting the funding programs, services, and information available to you.



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