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Migratory Birds in your Forest

Written by Jessica Wentzell
on May 08, 2019

female golden winged warbler - Photo: Brian E. Small/VIREOMigratory birds, like the Golden-Winged Warbler, need healthy forests to thrive. Some areas in Wisconsin are high priority habitat for song birds, and choices you make in the woods can make a big difference. Working with a forest professional is a great way to meet your goals for the land while promoting the conditions needed by song birds and many other wildlife species. Our partners are offering eligible landowners a free woods walk with a professional forester who can make recommendations for management activities on your land that can help improve migratory bird habitat AND meet your goals for your forest. They may even be able to help you access funding to complete habitat improvement on your land. 
[Find out if this is available for your forest]


⇑ Click video for sound. Male Golden Winged Warbler  Photo by AdamB1995  Audio © Lang Elliott


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 Looking for more information on World Migratory Bird Day?

Visit their website [ here

For more information on the Golden Winged Warbler visit one of our partners articles:

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Department of Natural Resources

For more information on the Kirtland Warbler visit one of our partners articles: 


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